Are You Backing Up Your Wordpress Website?

What exactly is WordPress cloning and why is it an extremely useful tool to have on your webmaster's bag? Most individuals think this is a shady technique for copying websites to garner more link love and rankings, and while that might have been true (and useful!) This is an entirely different endeavor.

If portions of your database were to simply disappear viable would your website or business be ? Let's look at what you need to do to implement fix hacked wordpress database cloning, and how it can help your general WordPress security .

Don't make the mistake of believing that your hosting company will have your back as far as WordPress backups go. Not always. It has been my experience that the hosting company may or may not be doing backups, while they say they do. Take that kind of chance?

Keeping your WordPress website up-to-date is one of the simplest things you can do. For the last few versions, WordPress has included the ability to install automatic updates. Not only that, but websites are notified whenever a new upgrade becomes available.

As I (our fictitious Joe the Hacker) know, this article people have way too many usernames and passwords to remember. You've got Twitter, Facebook, your online banking, LinkedIn, two blog logins, FTP, internet hosting, etc. accounts which all come with logins and passwords you will need to remember.

Just make sure which you may schedule, and you choose a plugin that is up to date with release see this website and the current version of WordPress, restore and clone.

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